This Might Be the Best Picture Ever

I really do not like having my picture taken. Actually, I dislike most pictures of me. However, I have one picture that may be my all time favorite:

Yes it is old, and yes it is very much not how I look now, but there are many reasons why this may just be the best picture ever.

Here is a break down of why it is so awesome:

In this picture: Mom, Adam (1 month evidenced by the June '82 date stamp), and me (one month shy of 3).

Reasons it is awesome:

  1. It is from the "original Woodville house:" This is the house I grew up in. This is the house I miss. Please note the ugly paneling that we had throughout the first floor. It was hideous, but no one else had it. We also have "Old Greenie." THE couch that stayed with us even when we moved...when I was 20. Ugly? Oh yes. Comfortable? In that regard, she was the best couch ever. Also, you can just barely see the ugly curtains on the window above the couch...they matched the couch and the carpeting...and were there pretty much until we moved out. The "end table" was a table/bookshelf that my parents actually hated. I (however) loved it. It was a bookshelf, Barbie house, race car ramp and whatever else I purposed it to be. It eventually found a home in my room (you know once my parents bought a real end table), and it is now in the other Woodville house. The house was a interior decorator's worst nightmare, but it was home. Those things remind me of all the things I miss about it. 
  2. The fashion: Considering that the picture was taken in 1982, the clothing isn't really that bad. Trust me, it could be much worse. Still, we still have her hair and her glasses. I'm not sure what she was thinking with the hair...or how she managed to get it to do that (with an infant and a toddler to boot), but it is pretty awesomely awful. Also the glasses: those were the glasses that she was wearing in MY baby pictures and I am pretty certain she is wearing them in Amy's baby pictures as well. Obviously, Mom had some issues with change. Sadly, my hair isn't a bad hair cut. I didn't get hair until I was almost 2, so really that was just about all the hair I had. Yes it was blonde. Yes it appears to be curly. My hair is wavy...not straight and when it is short like that (or really humid) it curls.
  3. The little things that tell so much about us...even now: 
  • The half eaten bag of M&Ms (Mom's famous quote: M&M's and Diet Coke make everything better)
  • My Miss Piggy Doll (that went everywhere with me) has been abandoned for a toy camera. Now I am rarely without my real camera.
  • I have a sippy cup (something the staff at The Q seems to think I need to this very day).

It is just a picture, but it has so many great memories and insights.


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