Songs That Make Me Happy

For Various Reasons, and in no particular order, these are the songs that will *always* get turned up and sang along with in the car.

  1.  Either Way -- Guster:
  2. Absolutely -- Nine Days
  3. Live in a Hiding Place -- Idlewild
  4. Life Got in the Way-- Sister Hazel
  5. Heaven is a Place on Earth -- Crack Jaw (sorry no link on this one. I've only ever heard this cover on 89X)
  6. Flagpole Sitta -- Harvey Danger
  7. Someone You Should Know -- Lisa Loeb
  8. In Between Days -- The Cure
  9. Barrel of a Gun -- Guster
  10. Everything to Me -- Liz Phair
These songs are guaranteed to put a smile on my face even when I am having the day from hell. They each have special meanings to me...and maybe someday I will share them :).

Did any of these surprise you?


frelle said…
thank you for reading and commenting on my blog post. I only knew a few of your songs, but Liz Phair, The Cure, and Lisa Loeb are also on my ipod :)

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