Song of the Moment: Everything to Me

 Everything to Me, Liz Phair:

I am going to warn you upfront. This makes *no* sense at all. Really it doesn't. Typically, if I find a song I just have to play on repeat there is a blatantly obvious reason. The lyrics typically say it all. One look at the words predictably "speak to" what ever is going on in my life. Whether it is my lack luster self esteem, my family, my friends or some guy (which based on most of my past choices this song would be perfect for...but not so much right now).

I blame Pandora. They put Liz Phair's Why Can't I on my Sister Hazel channel...which led me to learn and sing said song (I'm always looking for "new" songs and it was catchy and in my range). I decided perhaps I could learn more of her songs (since again her range is kind of perfect for me). I made a Liz Phair station and added it to my quick mix. Everything to Me came on today and I was suddenly in love with it. It was sort of like the first time I heard Guster perform Either Way (Lost and Gone Forever had actually just been released so I heard it for the first time live) at the Michigan Theater. I heard it once and I was hooked. Now Either Way's lyrics really spoke to the jaded little 20 year old I was at the time. This song...just baffles me. I understand that I'm not exactly relationship material...and somehow I am okay with that. So how is a song about a girl vying for a guy's attention damn near put me in tears AND get put into heavy rotation as I work on paperwork and what not around the apartment? I have no idea.


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