An Open Letter to my Blackberry

Dear Blackberry Curve:

I wish it hadn't come to this, but I think it is just about time for us to part ways.

I know, we have only been in business for a year, but I am just not happy with the service you have provided me. Yes, I was so excited to get you. My "refurbished" old curve just wasn't cutting the mustard anymore. Now I fear you have fallen into that same category.

I don't mean to complain, and I hate to be a "laundry lister," but you:
1) Constantly clock or lock up (sometimes mid phone call or message)
2) You crash every couple days.
3) Sometimes it takes multiple reboots to get you to work right
4) You take crappy pictures.
5) I'm supposed to be able to tether with you, but you never work.

I understand, some of this may not be totally your fault. I will be the first to admit, I cannot remember your where abouts during the accident. I had my purse in my lap as I was frantically trying to find my phone after we saw the tornado. When the tornado spit us out and the car stopped moving, my purse was on the floor of the car and you were the first thing I saw when I opened it.

Either I found you but you didn't make it out of the purse (and you made the tumble to the floor of the car in said purse), or I found you, got you out of the purse, but dropped you in the course of our ducking and screaming. If it was the second option, you were bounced around a bit before you came to rest back in my purse. I know I bounced of the dashboard once before my seat belt locked, and it wasn't pleasant. Maybe someday I will remember (heck I just remembered a few weeks ago about the aluminum siding I pulled out of my it is possible).

All I know is that my sister has the same phone, and she has the same issues. Either both of our  phones were damaged in the accident, or it really is just you.

I don't want to get rid of you. I would like to stay Blackberry loyal and see if RIM releases a better phone in the next year. I would rather spend the money I will spend to replace you to go towards an Ipad or a DSLR camera. Still, my phone is my life line. I have to have one that is reliable.

Consider this your 2 weeks notice.




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