Blogging Therapy

It's cliched, but one of the biggest reasons I blog is because it like therapy for me. It isn't that my life is all doom and gloom. Really, it is more that I almost always have tons of ideas floating around in my head. Blogging lets me write it down, work it through and sometimes even helps me make sense of the boggled mess in my head.

I know that:
  1. Some people do not agree with my opinion
  2. Some people may be offended by what I have to say
  3. Some people will think blogs are all about them...when 99% of the time my blogs aren't about a specific person other than me.
  4. Out of context, some of the things I say sound crazy
  5. Not everyone gets the best way to know me is to read what I write.

I write about whatever is on my mind...and that is always a crazy mix. It could be something that just happened today, or it could be something that happened months ago that sets me off. Writing generally helps me understand the things that stress me out.

That being said, just because it is on my mind, and I write about it doesn't mean I want the internet to know it all. A girl has to have her secrets. Plus there are things (like my late childhood/early adulthood) that people just don't need to judge me on. I'm already a freak show, why make it worse? Sometimes I just write drafts. It gets the idea out of my head and lets me work through it. No one will ever read it, but it isn't just inside me anymore. That being said: If I ever really do lose it, or my friend Erica decides to follow through with her plan to get me beyond hammered to learn all my secrets...take my electronics away from me. Hell, an abacus may even be too dangerous for me. I can see me going post crazy and unleashing those secrets on the unsuspecting populous (luckily my readers are few and far between...but I still care enough about you to warn you of this possible issue).

If you do not blog, I do recommend it. Blogging is a wonderful way to find your voice, share your thoughts, and learn about yourself. You don't always have to share it with the world, but sometimes it helps to share it with someone.


angie said…
I completely agree. Blogging is wonderful for so many reasons!
angie said…
I completely agree!

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