Random Trip Down Memory Lane:Best St. Patrick's Day Ever

Oddly enough my best St. Patrick's Day memory doesn't involove alcohol. Well it doesn't involve me drinking alcohol. I have enjoyed several great parties over the years, but my best holiday story doesn't involve me in a bar.

It involves in me in a classroom.

It was my junior year of college. I was in a 400 level Commnication Theory class that afternoon. It was a small class. Many of us had been in classes together for the the past 2 years. I was a semester ahead of most juniors, and that meant I was the youngest in this particular group. I was the only student under 21.

Our teacher was awesome, but he was stickler about attendence. If you missed class and you didn't have a good excuse, there would be hell to pay. I showed up to class about 5 minutes early: no one was there. Right as class started, a few classmates stumbled in. Our instructor was annoyed, but he started teaching. A few minutes later a few more people came in. By a quarter after, the whole class was there, but there was a catch: they were all drunk.

The Wooden Nickel (a bar right off campus) had started selling green beer for 5 cents a piece early that morning. Every hour, the price would go up 5 cents. This was a huge party, and my classmates had been there all day. Pretty soon, no one is paying attention to the teacher, and they are all plotting how they are going to sneak me in to the bar. Yes, there was a classroom full over extremely over beveraged students plotting to sneak a girl that looked 19 on a good day into a bar. Don't get me wrong, the Wooden Nickel was known for letting in/serving underage people. However, I'm guessing that on this day they were being closely watched. And...well these guys were hammered. I'm pretty sure one guy was just going to try and sneak me in under his shirt. That is when our instructor just gave up, dismissed class, and sent us all home.

They went to the bar. I went home. I just wasn't brave enough to let a bunch of my drunk classmates smuggle me into a bar.


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