Open Letter to the Knot in My Stomach

To Whom It May Concern:

I try not to be a "complainer," but I am beginning to think you have out stayed your welcome. Before midterms, I totally got you. I was stressed and this was our way of coping.

During midterms: You were almost expected. I would have been worried if you hadn't stuck around. Plus your hurting meant I wasn't hungry: bonus.

Now: Midterms are over. Yes, I am playing catch up and I have a few things looming on the horizon. However, none of these things warrant your presence. They may in the future, but lets let me enjoy a week or two before you start up again. I don't want to start anything with you, but I think it is time you stop being a drama queen and let me make it through the weekend with out sudden sharp pains.



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