One Little Tornado and a Stroke Changes Everything

A year ago I was actually doing pretty much the same thing I am doing now: Trying to resurect and rework my blog.

I was writing a lot a plinky prompts and just random stories from my life. It was fun and random. There was no real substance to speak of I was doing really well with the daily blogs until the summer hit. Then my life changed. One day my dad had a stroke. The next day, my sister and I were following our mom home from the hospital and we were hit by an tornado. Our mom didn't survive.

I didn't write for a few months. I may have ranted a few times, but every time I sat down to write, nothing positive came out. Plinky prompts did nothing. I had lots of other things going on in my life, but nothing else seemed to come out of my head. I didn't want this blog to become my daily ranting blog (I do love to rant from time to time), nor was I looking to make it a log of my raw emotion and depression. I stepped away.

I tried to come back a couple times, but it just didn't feel right. Then one day, it felt different. I felt like it was time to start back. I had ideas to write about. I also started batting around the idea of starting a blog that was  just about the Losing a Parent and Elder care crap. Instead of angry ranty posts, I wanted to share our experiences an knowledge to try and help others.

So now, much of this blog remains the same. I write when prompts strike my fancy (and I'm trying the Mama Kat Is Losing prompts obvisously). I write about the exploits of my birds and their crazy hatchlings I write about random stuff from my day.  May even rant from time to time, but I feel the writing bug again. I did launch "Taking Care of Norm" last week. There I blog about the lessons we have learned. It is just  getting started. I'm trying to convince friends that they want to contribute from time to time until we get up and going. I want the site to have a little variety, and there are things I haven't experienced.



Kate said…
Wow. What a horrible experience to have to go through! I can only imagine how hard it was to recover from that. Good for you for getting back to your blog and trying to get back to a normal life again. Keep should only get easier.

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