What did they get into now? Describe a time your toddler (bird) got into something they shouldn't have.

Again, I do not have children, but I have birds. Really, they are just toddlers with wings. They are destructive, adorable, inquisitive and repeat what you say (yes, there is no cursing in my house).

This Christmas, was our first Christmas without my mom. I knew it was going to be hard, but I had no idea how I would react. As the holiday grew closer, I decided to keep some of mom's traditions alive. One of those traditions was that along with a gift from Mom and Dad, there was always a present from "Santa" under the tree. Mind you we were all adults, but it was Mom's thing. I decided to keep that and the fun random stocking stuffers alive. I did my shopping. Wrapped (and by wrapped I mean gift bagged) the gifts and put them under my tree.

In May my 22 year old male and 2 year old female had babies. I still have the 3 boys, and they LOVED the Christmas tree. They would fly into it, throw ornaments off of it, and pull lights out (there is nothing like looking up and discovering a section of the tree was no longer lit). I'm pretty sure one of them chewed through the cord to my tree topper.  They were constantly checking out the gifts under the tree, but I never caught them doing anything to the packages.Where were their parents while all this was happening? Oh yeah, they commandeered my Christmas Tree box and turned it into a nest box.

The day before Christmas Eve. I was packing up the gifts, and I noticed that Kelsey's one gift bag had been knocked over and turned around. When I picked it up I discovered that someone had chewed through the gift bag, and in an attempt to hide their crime made it so I could not see the hole. Now, I am out of gift bags, I need to get on the road, and I have no idea where or when I will have time to buy more gift wrapping supplies.

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JDaniel4's Mom said…
It sounds like bird and toddler are trouble when it come to presents and bags.

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