So What Is Going on Here

Well yes this blog has been mostly dead for a while now, but that ends now. I am back and I have every intention of getting her back on her feet again.

I'm ready to write again, and it is an amazing feeling. I have a fiction project I'm working on, and I actually really love it. I feel ready to start blogging again.

Here are the new rules:
1) At least 1 post a day, even if it is a short one from my blackberry.
2) I  get one pass a month, unless I'm truely ill, have a dad emergency, or other major issue.
3) For every sad/uber serious post I have to come up with 2 lighter ones. This will be a challenge, but I think it is a good idea.

I will cross post many of these blogs on Redgage (where I showcase my photography...and that will be gearing up too). You can check out my current photo portfolio here.

I'm going to start doing the writing prompt workshop with Mama Kat and get back to using Plinky to get the ideas rolling.
I'm also contemplating a redesign of the blog.

Bottom line: not all these are going to be deep and thought provoking. Some will just be for fun. Others will be random observations. I hope you will join us!


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