My Hometown

I moved away almost a decade ago, and I never had any intention of going back. I will never live there again (despite owning a house there now), but my perception of the town has changed.

When I was growing up my hometown was a jail cell. I hated it there. I hated being an outsider. I hated that everyone knew my business. felt trapped and judged by those deemed popular. I longed for bigger and better things, and my parents were not surprised when I packed up and headed to Indianapolis the first chance I had.

I still do not want to live in my hometown. I have become accustomed to city life. I'm not a fan of having to drive 15-20 minutes away to get caffeine after 11:00. I like that the grocery store is open past 8. I like that going to the store without make up on won't be city wide gossip within the hour. Really, the list could go on and on.

However, there is one thing a small town offers that bigger communities just can't: community support. There is just something about the way the community steps up to take care of their own. I know when my family needed lifting up, the community was there. It was genuine caring and support that we really needed to survive.


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