I think it may be time for a dream journal

I've always had really weird and vivid dreams. I may not always remember them, but sometimes it is how real they felt that messes with me the most.

Some nights its nightmares (like when a bunch of random friends from through out my life and i were stuck in the premise of a cheesy slasher movie). I can be reliving a horrible experience, or Dreaming said experience had a different outcome (that only is a nightmare when I wake up and it isn't true). Other times it is just random craziness.

During my first semester  of college, I had a reoccurring dream that my roommates, a friend  of mine from Portage Valley (work), and friends from summer camp were all living in my boyfriend's (at the time) apartment. The problem: Mike's apartment was a tiny one bedroom, and there were eight of us living there. The other problem: his apartment was located on the Northside of Toledo. In my dream, the apartment was in Des Moines. It made no sense. If had only happened once, that would have been one thing. Instead it happened time and time again.

Even last night I had a dream I can't really remember the bulk of it. The only thing I really remember is that we were in some kind of trouble and the only person who could help us was a friend's fiancee (who I've only met a couple times).

Crazy dreams aren't always bad. I have come up with great story lines and ideas from my vivid dreams. The problem is remembering it in the morning, and remembering it past that day if I want to write about it.

I'm thinking of finally starting a dream journal. I'm thinking of doing it on Redgage (since I can make it as a collection there). If it gets bigger, maybe it could be its own blog. I'm interested in capturing the creative ideas, and seeing if there are any patterns in my dreams.


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