How to Fit it All In

Sometimes I would kill for more hours in a day. There is a lot on my plate these days, and I have to keep moving to keep on top of things.

  1) If you aren't a morning person, pick out your clothes the night before. Picking clothes in a half awake stupor can take forever, and be disastrous.

2) Plan your errands carefully. If you have an appointment on one side of town, try and fit in other errands in the general area.

3) Stay Focused.

4) Make lists. It may seem OCD. Okay, it might be OCD, but I find it is a great way to keep focused and help me plan my day.

5) When you have a random idea, write it down or make a note on your phone. *Right Now* might not be a good time to look into an idea. However, you don't want to forget about it and waste time later trying to remember your sudden epiphany.


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