Can You Keep Up?

I'm a busy girl. I work full time, work part time, write part time, help care for my father and support my family.

I like being busy. It keeps me focused and it keeps  me happy. I get bored easily. I feel like if I'm not at least thinking about something productive I'm being lazy. Yes, I have moments where I may have more free time than others. Still, if you want to get to know me, you have to be able to keep up.

I will be working hard at my full time job. If I tell you I'm busy, I am busy.

I will be working on multiple web and writing projects all the time. If they are published, read about them before you ask questions. Nothing is more insulting than someone asking a question when the answer is clearly listed in the article or blog. If it isn't published, I may be at a point where I am ready to share, I may not be.

I will work my part time job at least one night a week. I will also go out usually one night a week. Why? Well when I work, I generally do not have time to be social. I would like to be able to *visit* with my friends occasionally.

Speaking of my friends. They may be loud, often times foul mouthed, and some of them at times are blatantly inconsiderate, but they are people I care about. We stay out late. I don't sleep so that isn't an issue. If you don't like cigarette smoke, I do not either. However, these friends are worth putting up with it. I'm not giving up my part time job, or my friends any time soon.

Taking care of my dad is sometimes his own part time job. Between the legal stuff, estate taxes, funding his care, investing wisely to be able to afford his care and trying to figure out how I can afford to keep driving back and forth to Ohio, I have my hands full. Yes, I call home every day. Yes, I can be on the phone with my sister for over an hour each time. Try only having one person in the whole world who has actually been through exactly what you've been through.

I have little patience for those who do not listen. I wrote another post on how people really need to STFU. I stand by that. I have been amazed by how new people  in my life have only listened to part of what I said and morphed it into what they wanted to hear. For Example: No, I'm not trying to get out of DJ/Karaoke job. What I said was that I currently work less than I did because the company grew. No, I'm not getting rid of *all* of my birds, just the babies.  Nothing will lose my respect, patience, and willingness to work with you than the failure to listen.  This is closely followed by people who give me unsolicited advice (while sober) especially when you do not know the details.

I learned this summer that life is too short to slow down. I have many things  have to do, and even more things that I want to do. I want the people in my life to experience these things with me. They just have to be willing to run, and be able to keep up.


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