10 Things That Make Me Happy

I'm pretty easy to please.If you treat me with respect,and care about me for who I really am we can be friends. These days I try to find at least little joy in everything, but there are some things that are guaranteed to make me happy.

It is the best time of the year. I can be me, and it isn't frowned on. I love the costumes, make up and creativity.

I love being able to get away and not worry about the 101 things I have swimming in my head. I like seeing new places, learning new things, and finding new favorite places to visit.

Diet Dr Pepper
It is my caffeine of choice. There is just something about it that lifts my spirits, and helps me function.

My family and friends being happy
Helping others enjoy life and knowing they are content makes me feel accomplished.

Scary Movies
I'm not sure why. Maybe it is because they are so easy to critique. I don't mean that in I watch them to be negative. I typically enjoy even the cheesiest gorefest, but I'm always also looking at the details.

I suffer from insomnia. I go for weeks with little to no sleep. When I do sleep and sleep well, my world is a better place.

A Swedish Massage
I was in a car accident recently...ok my back was tense before that. Now it is killer. Sometimes the only way to make the pain go away is to work on those knots in my neck, shoulders and back. It helps with the back pain and I get less headaches.

getting new cameras
I wish I would have spent more time learning about photography. It is just a hobby, but I am pretty decent at it. I try not to be materialistic, but getting a new camera to play with just makes me giddy.

Hello Kitty
Yes...I am probably too old for this but I don't care. Love it and its cuteness.Judge me if you will. It is my young at heart thing. Everyone should have one of those.

Cute Shoes
This is a strange one. Really do love shoes, but I hate wearing them. I hate socks even more. Yes I'm just random like that.

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