Why You Need to Help Lake High School

I have been probably driving people on Facebook and Twitter crazy promoting this, so I am attempting to blog again (I have just not been able to do it well since the accident) to plead my case in more than 140 characters.

I did not go to Lake (Woodmore '97) but I do share a connection with the school that will never be broken.

As many of you know on June 5, 2010 an EF4 tornado touched down in Northwest Ohio. Six people were killed including my mother. My sister and were "lucky" and survived with minor injuries. We heard the sirens go off in Lucas county, and we stayed at the hospital until the all clear was sounded. There was no mention of a warning for Wood County. We even drove past a spotter and no one knew it was coming. By the time the local radio station announced there was a tornado warning it was to late for us. It was coming right at us. It was just it was coming directly down 795. Mom's car was picked up first and hit by debris, killing her instantly before our eyes. We were also picked up and the car was totaled by debris, but we walked away.

Just after the tornado hit us, it turned and hit, and destroyed Lake High School, and then moved on to the town of Millbury.

The high school is a total loss. They are currently holding classes in a building they are renting from a local community college. It isn't ideal, but they are making it work.

The Good:
1) They have secured grant money from the state
2) The community has been awesome with donations and support

The Bad:
1) The Federal Government (FEMA) refuses to help (which is another rant for another blog)
2) Insurance isn't going to cover it all

Basically, they need all the help they can get. That is why they were nominated for the Kohl's Cares contest. Basically, they have to stay in the top 20 to win.

At one point they were in first place, but since then it has been a tough fight. We were back down to 20th at one point, but have fought our way back to 12th as I write this (but that could change). Voting goes through Friday, and we need to finish strong if we want to keep in the top 20.

What breaks my heart about all of this is that we are the only public school in the top 20, and how some of the private schools are going about getting votes.

I'm okay with making alliances; however, it is just slimy to bribe voters. Yes, there are schools that are giving away Ipads and other prizes to get people to vote for them (http://bit.ly/bO2OyC). Seriously? That is low. I get that they want to improve their technology (buy new computers), but it just seems sketchy to reward people for voting. Yeah, it would be great if our community had those resources, but the bottom line is we do not. We need more than just new computers, we need a new school. Just because the private schools have the resources should not mean they get to win. Yeah, I know life isn't fair.

That is where you come in: we need help.

If you can, please vote for Lake at: http://apps.facebook.com/KohlsCares/school/734811/lake-high-school?src=SchoolBitly

Here is a video of the damage: http://youtu.be/60TmA_yy-wQ

You can also check out myseedlings.org for more information, or message me and I will be more than happy to get back to you.


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