Let's Get Extreme Makeover Home Edition Rebuild Lake High School

On June 5, 2010, an EF4 tornado touched down in Lake Township, Ohio. The twister hit Lake High School destroying it and then flattening much of a small town. The tornado claimed 6 lives, several homes the high school and a police station.

This community and people from the surrounding communities have banded together to help the victims recover, but they are pretty much on their own. FEMA and the Federal government won't help. They contend (when the visited 3 days after the storm and clean up was underway)that there was not enough devastation to warrant funding. The state and the local communities should have the resources to pay for it all. Too bad that will bankrupt villages, police and fire departments and the victims themselves. Yes, people are helping and the out pouring of kindness has been awesome. However, the community effected by the Tornado deserves better.

I did not go to Lake High School (Woodmore '97 actually), and I actually no longer live in the area. However, I was on 795 that night. The storm that destroyed the high school hit my mother's car and then my sister's car before turning to hit the high school. My mother was killed. My sister and I survived, but our lives will never be the same. Money cannot bring back what any of us tornado victims lost. Houses can be rebuilt, but it won't bring that original house back. Our emotional wounds run deep. Lake High School is a huge part of the community and it deserves to be rebuilt and the insurance money just might not be enough. Plus their students will be displaced for quite some time.

If FEMA won't help, maybe Ty Pennigton will. There has been a campaign started to get the show's attention. They have nominated the high school, but they need our help make this happen.

Please help us encourage Extreme Makeover Home Edition pick Lake as one of its 25 build sites. They get thousands of requests a day, so we need to make Lake stand out.

Please check out the EMHE: Lake High School page


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