Dear FEMA: You Suck

On June 5, 2010 Lake Township, OH was hit by an EF4 tornado. In it's wake a police station, a high school, houses and most of a small town were leveled. Five (one more person died later from his injuries) were left dead. Many (including me) will be haunted for the rest of our lives by that night.

No amount of money can bring back what many of us lost. Money won't replace the lives, homes and personal belongings. However, it can help those who did survive rebuild and move on. The people of Northwest Ohio have banded together to clean up and raise funds. Still it isn't enough. Lake Township has spent over 75% of their yearly budget because of the storm. They still have 5 months to go. They will most certainly have to make cuts to make it through 2010. They have served the community well (road blocks, clean up, securing areas), and they will have to sacrifice rather than be rewarded.

Even with the death, destruction and the need for help FEMA refuses to help. They came sauntering in three days after the fact (yes after three days of clean up...and I must admit people really came together to help those who were effected) and decided that the State and Local funds could handle it. Really? Thanks for being so helpful. Yes we are handling things, but people still need help rebuilding. The fire and police departments have spent a good deal of their budget. You have tax payers that need your help, and you decide "we can handle it." Well I can tell you that will stick with many voters in the months and years to come.

When we faced tragedy, the federal government turned their backs on us. This area already is economically depressed, and now you have just made it harder for them to get a "normal" life back. They have survived a nightmare, and you have just made their reality worse.

This is no Hurricane Katrina by any stretch of the meaning. However, I am still insulted that after waiting three days to come and look at the damage they can't even look at the news footage and see the destruction I saw that night. I was in shock and it was dark, but I could SEE everything that was now destroyed down 795. I wondered how I survived a storm that destroyed everything else in its path. I can't believe you would turn your back on these people when they need you the most.

If you are in the Toledo area, and you would like to help, they are having a benefit for the victims. It will be a day long concert with local bands coming out to support the community. It will be on July 11 at Metcalf Field (by Lake High School, and where we were hit) from 11-7. My brother's friend's band Nine Lives will be playing the benefit in memory of my mom and in honor of our family.


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