We're Nesting....some one shoot me

Popcorn and Weddnesday are nesting.

Well Popcorn is nesting. He and Weddnesday have been mating for a while. About 3 weeks ago Weddnesday started laying eggs. After 2 rejected nests, they started preparing it. Weddnesday went along with the sitting on the eggs for about a day. They she lost interest. All responsibility fell to Popcorn. He has been a good dad. He stays in the nest most of the time. Weddnesday sits on the eggs when it suits her. I do worry though because male cockatiels are usually only fertile until age 14. Popcorn is 21, so he may be past that stage in his life. However, he is really into this, so I hope for his sake they do hatch. We should know early next week if they hatch. If they do, I will have 1 or so birds to give away. Popcorn is lutino and Weddnesday is olive pearl pied. They should be adorable babies! I'll keep everyone posted.


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