A New Beginning...well ish

I have been in a major slump writing wise. I started some ideas that seemed perfect, but then they would fall flat. I would be all over the place. My focus was a joke. What I did get down was just a joke. I was trying way too hard, and the results were not pretty. Even my blogging was pretty shabby.

I had major writer's block. I might have a good idea for a while. I would think it was going some where, and then it would fall flat. My inspiration was lacking to say the least. Just when a story was coming to life, I would lose interest or realize it just wasn't good.

I think we are getting over this road block. I'm not sure why, but the writing bug is back, and it is ready to make a big splash.

This new story seems to have staying power. It looks like a mainstream fiction novel, but so far there are some interesting twists. I wanted this one to still be in my darker voice, but I also wanted to make a strong female lead I could identify with, people would understand, and that was believable. I think so far I have been successful. She has stayed strong, loyal and after a few revisions I think I finally have her evened out. I've cut out the melodrama and kept the tension. I guess we will need to see what comes of this.


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