Loss in my family

A few months ago, my 10+ year old parakeet was diagnosed with a kidney condition. I decided to try the meds. Over the last few months, he slept quite a bit, but when he was awake he was still very happy. I knew it was only a matter of time before we lost the battle, and I was dreading the day I had to decide to put him down.

I was going to go phone shopping after work on Saturday, but I opted to just go home instead. I am glad that I went straight home. I returned to find Skye unable to stand. I called the vet's emergency care line, but I knew it was too late. Skye spent his last moments with me on the couch. He was beak grinding until the very end.

He will be missed. He was my little happy parakeet. His parakeet buddy is heartbroken. The cockatiel he came with just keeps looking for him. I miss him greeting me after work.

Skye and Popcorn came to me 4 years ago. Their owners moved out of their apartment, and left them behind. It was a rough transition. They wouldn't come out of their cages for months. That all changed. They joined the flock, and we have been a family ever since. He was only with me for 4 years, but I know he had a good life here.


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