Cell Phone Debacle

A quick trip into Carmel turned into a 3 hour ordeal...boooo!

Last night I plugged my phone into the computer, and the charging symbol did not come up. After playing with the cord a bit, it did and the phone fully charged. This morning, not so much. I could get the charging symbol to come up, but as soon as I let go it went away. Okay, no worries this is why I have insurance on my phone.

Store 1:I go to my usual Sprint Corporate Store. I show it to the guy at the counter. He looks at it, tells me it is totally fixable. However, they no longer do repairs so I will need to go this store in Castleton.

Store 2: I drive up to the other store. They are busy, but they are the only repair store on the northside, so it is expected. An hour later they call me to the back counter.

Employee/manager: Jennifer I'm sorry but your phone is not fixable. We see that you have insurance, so we have put in an order to have it replaced. It should arrive in 1-2 business days.

Me: Um, why can't you just replace it now (which has always been done in the past)

Employee/Manager: Oh we aren't a corporate store, but don't worry it will be here by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Me: Well can I go to a corporate store and get a new phone?

Employee/Manager: Oh no we have already filed your claim.

Me: Okay well we have a few issues 1) I'm out of town until Thursday...

E/M Oh it will be in when you return...

Me: and this is my only phone, I gave my old Blackberry to my sister. The battery is already half dead how am I supposed to charge (mind you they have totally removed my port from my phone) it?

E/M: Oh...um well they have cradle chargers that run for $25-30 you can use instead.

Me: Great may I buy one?

E/M: Oh we do not have any in stock. You may want to check the corporate store down the street.

Store #3:

Me: Hi, do you have any cradle chargers for the Blackberry curve 8300 in stock?

Employee: A what? Do you mean a travel charger?

Me: No, my usb port is broken, I need to charge it on something else.

Employee: Wait a minute (she goes and speaks with her manager) ok we no longer carry those but if you go down the street to (the store I just came from) the third party store they should have them.

Me: No I just came from here. They sent me to you.

Employee: Ummmmmm maybe try Best Buy?

Store #4: Just an FYI I hate this Best Buy. I was iin here once and asked for very specific things and the associate had me buy $100 worth of the wrong stuff. However, I am on this side of town and time is tight.

I ask for the cradle charger again:

Employee: RIM makes one of those??

Me: Well according to the lady at the Sprint store yes

Employee: Have you looked at your provider's' corporate stores?

Me: *sigh* yes, they say they no longer carry them.

Employee: OK wait hold on let me talk to my Blackberry expert....ok we don't have that but I have another option for you. You can get this charging pad for $140.

We have a less than pleasant conversation about how spending $140 on something was not in my plan...and it is not what I asked for...he suggests I try Radio Shack

Store 5:I walk in. I go to the chargers. I see a cradle charger for a curve...but it is for the new curve (boooooooooooooooo). A very nice employee opens the charger just to check and see if my phone will fit...it does not. However, he does suggest Frye's.

Frye's isn't exactly out of my way. but it is enough of a drive to make me plan ahead. I text Cha Cha, they send me the phone number I call the store, and yes they have one and they put it on hold for me.

Store 6: I arrive and walk to the telecomm kiosk. My item is waiting for me. I check out...life is good......


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