Dream Journal 1

Well after a week, the strange dreams keep coming. I wish I could remember them all, but I did manage to get a few down on paper. All of these are reoccurring dreams.

  1. Proof work is getting to me: In one reoccurring dream, I'm constantly working on these laptops from work…but I am not a work. I'm at home, out with friends, and yet I am on my cell phone talking to my boss as I fix these laptops.
  2. The reoccurring one that scares me the most is the one where I am still in bed, but my legs are too heavy and tight to function. I can't get up.
  3. Someone from my past suddenly shows up at a karaoke show, and I am obsessed with showing them I am better off than I was the last time I saw them. It is like I am back in high school and I am trying to show them how awesome I am. There is never a real great reason why they are there, but suddenly I am trying to convince them how happy I am.
  4. The last one is the one where the long lost family member is there. They tell me they are there to meet a sibling they found online (my dad's biological mom lived in Indy for a while), and they failed to mention any of this to my dad.

I'm not sure how these add up or what they mean…but hey I'm just starting…


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