TV characters I relate to

It may sound like a silly thing, but I think everyone relates to television characters. I mean it is normal to see yourself or who you want to be in a character and that is your attachment to the show. It isn't a blurring of reality and fiction. It is seeing traits in characters that you identify with or you wish you could attain yourself. If a show is well written, it should have that appeal and human element.

  1. Alex Eames—Law and Order Criminal Intent: I know how awful this show is. I couldn't watch the Logan and Wheeler episodes (and don't even get me started on Jeff Goldblum)…not because they can't act or anything like that but because the show is so awful I can only rationalize watching it on Goren and Eames weeks. It is very much so my guilty pleasure. Eames gets the short end of the stick. Goren gets all the drama, crazies and gets to be the Sherlock Holmesish know it all. Eames is relegated to be his Watson, but she gets some CLASSIC lines off in the process.

    Guy: Isaabel and I haven't been intimate since Bastille Day.
    Eames: Now there's a holiday that's tough on relationships.


    "I looked good in it too."

    Yesterday -- after Goren asks her about wearing a certain mini-skirt a victim they found, was wearing.


    See all kinds of awesome

  2. Elliott – Scrubs: She smart but neurotic and not much of a hugger. I don't think that needs much more explaining
  3. Mary Shannon—In Plain Sight: She's also smart, sarcastic, thrives under pressure. I'm just glad my life is MUCH simpler than hers.
  4. Abby – NCIS: My hero hands down…again this shouldn't need a great deal of explanation.
  5. Vicki Nelson – Blood Ties: She has a lot going against her (bad eye sight, cheesy job…oh and the demon tattoos), but somehow she still stays confident. I get it isn't always the healthiest way of dealing with things, but she makes it work. She has principles and convictions. She's the kind of person I would want backing me up.


I could only come up with five, but I'm sure there are more…


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