Things you would learn about me on a road trip

Road trips are always interesting. They are also moments where the crazy we keep on the inside boils over a little.What would we learn about you on a road trip?

Well for me...

I sing when I drive radio...I sing and drive. Basically being in a quiet car makes me and the fids nervous. It all started when I was learning how to drive. Being in a silent car made me a nervous wreck. I'm convinced the only reason I passed the test is because the test proctor talked to me the whole time. Now it is just habit, and for some reason my singing calms down the birds on road trips.

I'd rather drive than be a passenger
Maybe I'm just a control freak, but I cannot stand being a passenger for too long. Although, with my Blackberry and the ability to maybe catch a movie on my laptop will change this. Wow....aside from the Ohio trip with the fids I have not been on a good road trip in years. Basically, I get motion sickness so I can't read or write on a moving vehicle. Falling asleep just makes me feel sick to my stomach.

I hate my hair
It isn't straight, but it isn't totally curly. Really it falls somewhere in between. I work hard to hide this and make it look low maintenance, but it is all a lie. If I do not have access to a hair dryer and a flat iron I get real cranky fast.

I love reading road signs
That is how my parents knew I could read. We were driving down the road and I read a billboard to them. Yeah creepy. However, when I was on tour my friend Rob and I made a sort of a game out of it, and it kept us entertained for hours.

I'm not a hugger
Maybe I was from Connecticut in a former life, but I am not a fan of hugging unless you are on my "ok to hug" list. OK...there is not a list, but sometimes I think there should be. I like my personal space and would rather not be snuck up on.


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