'Fabulous' sounds so sweet

I love words. I'm a writer so that is sort of a no brainer, but I really do wish more people would use their words more effectively. I listen carefully to lyrics, and I love well written imagery. I always tell my students to use their words to draw me a picture.

Here are my top 5

It is a multi functioning word depending on the iflection and context. It can be literal, or it can be sarcastic, sardonic, ironic, fun, sad,mean...you get the point

It isn't a curse word, but it equals messed up, just not right, or odd in a different way.

I had this one before Grey's Anatomy made it common place. I like it for the sarcastic factor.

This might be my favorite word of all time. It is an odd looking, and not commonly used word, but I love it. It means ever present (aka everywhere). It was the word of the day on one of my TV writing classes (Thank you Dr. Watson!) We used it while I was touring with Laredo, and now I use it with students and the "they" that gives them wrong information.

Hello. My name is Jen and I am an addict. I use caffeine to describe any drink containing the substance. Depending on the situation caffeine can be coffee, tea, soda, energy drink...you get the point.


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