Old School: Poltergeist the Legacy

I've been recording old episodes of Poltergeist the Legacy lately, and I've come to some new realizations:

  1. At first I liked Rachel, but as the series went on her character bugged me more and more.
  2. I kind of understand why they even introduced the Kristin character, but not really. I didn't dislike her, but they didn't utilize her well and I never could really get behind her as a character.
  3. I just don't like Derek…there is something just a little too sketchy about him. Actually, the actor that portrays him was later on an episode of NCIS where he played a sketchy, adulterer, murderer combo, and he did it so well.
  4. I really do love Alex and Nick…and even though I know they never get together I still have shippy moments. My favorite episodes are the ones that focus on those two characters. Well minus the one where Nick's ex gets struck by lightening.
  5. What was the deal with only having part of the cast in each episode? One episode I watched today only had Nick and Alex in it…which didn't bother me. However, in episode before that Nick was nowhere in sight. Derek and Rachel only episodes are probably my least favorite. My question is were they trying to save money? Did actors not get along? I was confused.



    It is amazing what watching old shows will make you think of. I think that is why I like watching them so much. Now I can watch them from a critical perspective and let my inner media blogger work things out.


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