My Summer Top Five

Summer is here! I have a couple months to enjoy the season, and I already have big plans.

compare Sheridan's Fourth of July celebration to Woodville's
I know the Sheridan townies keep up with the Woodville townies in the Red Onion vs. Jo-Jos contest. Now the question is can they keep up with Fourth of July celebrations. Now, admittedly Woodville has lost a few points since discontinuing the sale of beer by the half gallon milk jug...but it should be interesting to see a how Sheridan rates. Oh yes this will be blog material...

Turn 30
I don't want to do this...but since it is going to happen right, wrong, or other wise I might as well enjoy it

Lose at least 40 pounds
I'm going to Vegas in September...I want to not be self conscious. I'm already down lets keep hoping.

Build my writing business
If I want to be working from home full time by next June, I better get on it.

enjoy time with my friends
Whether it is out a the bar, at someone's house, singing karaoke in a backyard, or hanging at the pool, I want to spend quality time with the people who put up with my craziness.


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