I'm not all about camping

When I was in fifth grade…maybe sixth grade…my parents finally caved and took us on the church’s annual Memorial Day camp out. You see we were really not campers. Actually, we had never camped as a family before. My grandparents had bought an old RV more so for travel ease, and we had a tent, but that was about as close as I ever wanted to get. My parents’ church group kept trying to get us to go, but year after year we declined. That is until the fateful year mom finally said yes…and it was miserable. It had rained quite a bit that week, to the sites were all muddy. My dad actually had to work most of the weekend, so my poor mom was pretty much on her own to do all the “grown up” work. My sister ran backwards into a parked car. My brother got his foot stuck in a snake hole. I managed to get a fish hook stuck in my ear. My sister and her friend locked themselves in the bathroom in the rv not once, but twice. It was a nightmare. We tried again at the end of my freshman year, and it was less than a good time. Don’t get me wrong. I camped a little while at was at various church camps, and while I was not exactly thrilled by a few things I still had fun. Maybe it was because I was with friends or because we had a lot to do. However, I still have no real desire to ever camp again. Why Camping Is Not On My To Do List: 1) I am one of those people that just feels nasty without a daily shower. Compound that with sleeping outside and on the ground, and I nearly feel dirty just thinking about it 2) This is very shallow, but I am going to own this. If showers are available, but not facilities for hair dryers and flat irons: I do not have straight hair. If I air dry, things go bad quickly. Heck even on just a humid day my hair starts to misbehave. 3) I like sleeping in a bed. 4) You may have already caught on that I have pretty bad allergies. Sleeping outside does not do me any favors. 5) I prefer indoor plumbing. Yes I am not a fan of using the woods as my bathroom.


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