I have been lucky enough to see Citizen Kane in the theater

Yes I know. This may seemed cliche,but just hear me out. I really do love this movie. I am a HUGE fan of film noire, movie history, and like most brain washed former film students think Orson Wells (hey did you know he was the voice for Mr. Masters aka Higgins boss who owned the mansion and ferrari...that you never see on Magnum PI </end film geek/DiNozzo from NCIS moment>) is a pretty smart and innovative guy.

The movie is beautifully shot, well scripted and just plain well done. However, my reason for loving it most is a little different.

Citizen Kane is the only movie I have seen that was made before I was born that I have seen in an actual movie palace. I had the unique honor of seeing this classic in the way it was supposed to be viewed.

When I was in college, there would be free viewings (complete with free popcorn and a drink) at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor. It is one of the few movie palaces that at the time still had its old projector, an orchestra pit AND its working pipe organ.

I never would have known about it if I had not been in Film History that semester. We were required to watch the movie, and we had to write an essay about it as part of our final. I remember thinking it was cool to make the trip over and see it in the theater, but not being totally geeked. Of course it sounded like a fun outing, but I didn't get why it was such a big deal until I was there.

There was just something about sitting in that old movie palace made the movie very special to me.


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