Ggggrrrrrr Allergies

Reasons I Hate Allergy Season
1) My burning lungs
2) Lots of drugs = dehydration
3) Losing my voice every couple days
4) Just walking though the floral department at Marsh sends me into a coughing fit that makes me fear the CDC will quarantine me for swine flu
5) My ears being plugged
6) Choking on my own snot
7) Sinus irrigation sounds about as much fun as it really is
8) Bloody noses…that nearly make me late for work
9) The fear that a someone’s perfume/cologne/smell will not agree with me and my eyes will tear, my throat will swell, and the coughing will commence while I am at work
10) Looking like someone beat the crap out of me on a regular basis. Nothing says good morning like my swollen eyes.


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