What are your cancelled shows guilty pleasures?

Every television season we wait for our old favorites to return. We look forward to finding new shows we love, and then there are people like me that enjoy finding and DVRing my old cancelled but still loved shows. I know people will think I am strange for liking them the first time around…let alone taking the time to record and watch them again. I just can't help myself! My DVR had totally enabled me to capture and enjoy these shows as much as I want. This could be dangerous!

Right now, I could sit down and watch recorded episodes of:

  1. Poltergeist the Legacy: This has a few things going for it. 1) It takes place in San Francisco aka my favorite city. 2) For some reason I really like how it is shot. 3) I'm a sucker for the mystery/thriller series.
  2. Kindred: The Embraced: I loved this show. I've been lucky enough to catch most of the episodes from its one season on Chiller and Scifi. I know that the death of the guy who played Julian was what ended this show, but it I still miss it. It was dark and about vampires. Now Kelly Rutherford's very mid to late 90's fashions are a bit much, but I can ignore that and just love the story.
  3. Blood Ties: This show had the poor fortune of being on Lifetime. Honestly, that alone would normally be enough to keep me away. However, I love Tanya Huff's books. While I agree they made some changes to make the story work for TV, I'm still hooked. I'm secretly hoping Henry and Vicki get together (even though I know the out come from the books), and I feel bad for Mike even when he is being a jerk. Even with them making Coreen so annoying I want to give her a big heaping bowl of "shut the hell up flakes" by the middle of each episode, I'm hooked.
  4. Friday the 13th the Series: This has nothing to do with Jason, hockey masks or Camp Crystal Lake. Two cousins inherit an antique store from their uncle. Soon after they find out the uncle was selling cursed objects as part of his pact with the devil. Now they have to get the objects back. Bad early 90s hair won't stop me from watching this. I remember it used to be on FOX 36, and I would have to have the antenna on my old black and white TV to get reception. I would watch that up in my room late at night after my sister had fallen asleep. Now I can watch it when ever I want…and it is in color.
  5. Firefly: Great Show. Great Story. Great Cast. Was totally screwed by FOX. Additional Bonus Points: it has Casey from Chuck (Adam Baldwin). Oh and it has Nathan Fillion…who by the way was enough to get me to watch Desperate Housewives off and on for a season. Oh…did you know that the set they use for his apartment on Castle is the same one they used for Mick's apartment on…
  6. Moonlight: I have many reasons for being supportive of the writer's strike. I have other reasons for being annoyed with it. I know that even without it there are no guarantees Mick and Beth would have made it past the first season. I can still dream though. Love this story…I wish they could have done more with it. Again it is based off a book, like many shows on this list, so that adds to the appeal. I have not read this one, but I hope to…as soon as I finish Pride and Prejudice and Zombies



    So what cancelled shows would you DVR?


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