These cockatiels and parakeets are just taking up space

I love my birds. They are like my kids. They entertain me and give me companionship. However, practically they have to be the most useless things in my house right now.

First, they do not clean up after themselves. They never clean their "rooms" and they spit food at me and on to the floor.

They expect food, toys and treats, but they never contribute to the family income. Seriously, they are home all day with internet access, they really should do something.

When I leave, even if it is just for one night, I have to put up with huge amounts of attitude.

They will be suddenly needy. They throw temper tantrum when you leave the room.

They will get in moods where you will not be allowed to sleep in. Being woken up by a screeching cockatiel or angry parakeets is not ideal.

They are my fids, and I would be lost with out them. Still, they really do not carry their weight around here.


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