No Internet Fool's Day Pranks For Me

Honestly I have not had time to see any pranks online. I checked out the Guster site, but between the tour and the kids they didn't deliver their usual April Fools Day prank.

The one prank I should have seen, I totally missed. Redgage (one of the social media sites I belong to) has a link at the top of their page that says it was bought by Microsoft for an undisclosed amount of money. They have a link for you to follow for more information. The link takes you to the bottom of the page where it tells you it was a joke. I was in a hurry when I uploaded pictures off my Blackberry and totally missed the link. Later I was looking at new content. Again, I missed the link. It wasn't until I reached the bottom of the page that I saw the April Fools message. Of course then I was confused. Eventually I found the link at the top of the page and it made sense.

I heard Google had a nice one for Gmail users about having an application that responded to e-mails for you. I'm Gmail user, but I missed that one too. Apparently having our first day of registration, my boss being on vacation and trying to get our standarized exit exam materials in order, I've been to preoccupied to see the good or bad pranks.


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