Maybe my fame is still to come

I don't think I have had my fifteen minutes of fame. I think my time is still coming. I don't want to assume the best of my life has past.

My writing career is just beginning. I think that I have done some good things with it so far, but I really think the best is yet to come. I am still building my skills, getting needed feedback and gaining the experience I need

I have a steadily growing blogging and article writing career. I write these daily, and I am happy to gain more knowledge each day. I have published two books. I am very proud of both. I also know as my writing progresses, I can write something better.

My first novel is just that: my first attempt at fiction. I love the storyline and my characters. I really do think it is a good read, but I also see my first timer mistakes. I see the things I need to improve on and where I need to grow.

I love my novella Running Away. It is a reflection of a dark time in my life. I started writing it while I was in my abusive relationship, and the rest just flowed out of me when it was all over. It is real and gritty. I'm no longer that person, but I am glad it is out there. I hope it can help someone understand the emotional impact of abuse. I think it is something that more people need to be aware of.


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