I really should know better

Tonight I was flipping channels looking for something to have in the background while I worked. Nothing was working for me, and then suddenly I saw it. My brain went to auto pilot and I hit enter.

Here is the thing. I love the first installment of the Crow series. I think it is a great movie...actually the line "I get so lonely here by myself," makes me cry every single time. However, I think that every sequel and prequel they have put out after that has been awful. The only reason I own the second two is because it was cheaper to buy the box set then to just by the special edition DVD. I know that there is nothing remotely redeeming about this movie, yet if it is on I am compelled to watch it.

This isn't the only movie that I have this problem with. I have the same issue with most bad sci fi movies...movies like "Deadly Swarm" seem to be more of a problem. "Queen of the Damned" is an awful movie. I that they took too long between making their first movie and the next one in the series. They didn't have time to make them both before they lost the rights. I know they merged two books together and did some crazy things to make the movie work. Still, if I see that it is on I can't help myself.

I'm not sure why I have this compulsion. I am a movie snob. No I take that back: I am an EXTREME movie snob. I don't like the Star Wars movies because while they show amazing innovation and creativity they are poorly written.

Without any logical explanation of this, I go for an old standard: I blame my parents. I blame my dad for all those horrible movies he rented and bought over the years. I get that it is a lame fall back...but until I know why I can't stop watching the train wreck it is what I am going with.


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