Who I Am: The Movie Version

We love the movies we love because we can internalize something from the movie. We "get" how a character is feeling. We sympathize or empathize with a situation. Sometimes though a character is us to a T. we can't escape how much they remind us of ourselves. For me it is Abby Barnes from The Truth About Cats and Dogs.

Abby is sadly so me. She's smart, sarcastic and ambitious. She has put her career first, and she is very independent. Of course all those positives come with some negatives.

Her sarcasm can sometimes lead to negativity. She has horrible self esteem. She doesn't believe she deserves the things she wants most. Her best friend is amazingly hot. This of course gets her in trouble.

Yep that is me. Okay I wish I had the dream job, but I can't have it all. I'm smart and ambitious. If I don't give you your daily dose of sarcasm, I'll give you a 100% refund. I've pretty much put the idea of having anyone to take care of me out of the picture. I have to be able to take care of myself. While my self esteem is much better has been in the past. That being said I have my "hate me days." I still compare myself to my friends and think I come up short. It is getting better, but it is still something I struggle with every day.


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