Music for a Road Trip

Ever since I learned how to drive, music has been a key component of my driving. The longer I am in the car, the more it is needed. No road trip is complete without it's own soundtrack. High energy, singable and fun music can make the hours go by faster and your trip a little more fun. Many of my favorites are from lesser known bands, but their music is perfect while I am behind the wheel.

Sixteen Candles by Sponge

It is such a strong and energetic song. It is perfect for keeping you awake and going on a long trip.

Too Much too Soon by Llama

Too Much too Soon is one of those songs you can't help singing along with. I don't sing in the shower, but singing in the car is almost a must on a long trip. This is even more of necessity if I am road tripping alone.

Actually It's Darkness by Idlewild

Honestly, most songs by Idlewild would be good for a road-trip mix. This one is probably my favorite. The punk driven rock songs are great to drive to. The beat is what makes these songs key.


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