So my Monday Post is a day late

Yes, yesterday greeted me with a migraine and I was less than motivated to get this update Please accept my apologies.

First: I finally have my response to the whole Chloe mess. I am very disappointed by the clinic's response, but I am choosing to not pursue it any farther. They have shown that no matter what I say, they are going to take the word of the attending vet over mine, and they are not going to admit wrong doing. This breaks my heart, but continuing to fight them is not going to make it better.

Things that irked me most about the letter:

The Lead Vet kept calling her Cloe...

They kept insisting it was about money...

They didn't even give a little thought to what I had to say...

They slammed me with time frame accusations, when really I was waiting on them to actually talk to me (You waited an hour before hospitalizing her...uh yeah because I was still waiting for someone to tell me her prognosis.etc)

I'm just heartbroken about how it has turned out, but what else can I do?

Here is the whole story

Just when I am getting myself on a regular sleep schedule, and I finally have the birds on a regular routine, I have to scrap it all. Now I'm back to the roller coaster hours and working pretty much every Saturday. I am so annoyed

I'm stepping outside my comfort zone and writing about the economy over at Culturefeast: Knowing About Your Money

I'm Finally Back around to the travel blog...I have lots of things on deck there: I'm BAAAAAAAAAAACK

And I close out today's update with a little piece from yesterday about Picking Our Battles

I'll be back tomorrow with more on New Ehow, Halloween Costumes, and HOPEFULLY at least one new item on the travel blog!


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