On the Eve Of My 29th Birthday....wait no...it is my 29th now

Another year down! As of 5:30 am I will officially be 29.  This is a very scary thing! As I become a year older, I have been really thinking about things an taking stock of my life. Of course there is good and bad....the question is:Is there balance and what am I focusing on?

Lets get the Cons out of the way first (I want to end with the happy)

1) I'm still single
2) My full time job is reaching burnout stage
3) I"m not a full time writer
4) I'm still overweight
5) Some days I just really hate me
6) I just realized I have no one to go watch the new X-FIles movie with next weekend

1) I'm single..but happy...yeah it sucks from time to time. I would love to have someone else help paying the bills and to come home to. However, I know what I want and while I'm not sure if I will find it...or  if I will be good enough for it when I do I'm still trying
2) I have awesome friends. That statement speaks volumes. for some reason, they seem to like me for me
3) I have a job that has benefits. in today's economy a steady paycheck is a blessing
4) The writing business is taking off. I just need to keep working and give it time.
5) My diet is working. Yes I am losing weight slowly  and in a healthy way. I still hate my body and my "fat days" (not my usual days but the really bad ones) are really hard on me, but I just have to keep focused and keep losing
6) Fine...I'm still bummed about the X-Files thing

So yes I have the occasional hating me phase, but in the end I know how lucky I am.

Today marks another mile stone. Today is the two year anniversary of the en of my abusive relationship (confused?  check out www.raintiger.com and look under story hall). I just wrote my August draft for Rain Tiger. I usually have the editorial done long before the deadline, but this month was hard. I mean looking back over two years of freedom made it hard to focus on just one area.

Be sure to check out my new blog at commonsensepolice.today.com and my new features at www.culturefeast.com.

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