Okay randomness here: I just saw a survey created for you post on your PET'S myspace. Seriously, I've jokesd that my boys have thier own accounts and that is what they do all day, and as I JOKE i might make one just to mess with people (like certain friend of mine who can barely rememeber my name, but remember I have a bird named beaker when he is drunk). I love my boys, but making them a myspcae and the doing a survey for them on top of that...wow. Okay...I might just have to do the survey for kicks and giggles later...

I've been doing a lot fo thinking lately...and I am thinking I have to make some changes. My full time job often has me working six days a week. When i do get to comp my time it is usually only after weeks of 50 hour weeks while only getting paid for 40. I'm still spending around 10 hours week teaching, and i am trying to do all my writing and promote it on my own. If I work on novels, I'm not generating any revenue with articles. If I'm only working on aritcles, my novels go nowhere and I lose interest. Getting traffic flow to the aricles and to the exisiting novels is a lot of work, and I'm just running out of time and days.

So here are my options: Find a new job. yes Find a job that pays enough that I only have to work one to survive. If that means getting a promotion, fine. Ideally, I would like to work from home. I found a couple work from home jobs that start at $20 an hour, and stll have a full benefits package, and I could still work at home and work in industries I love such as the arts, education and travel. The question is will they hire me. I've applied for another promotion, and to the the other jobs I have found, and hopefully one of those will pan out. Then I would have the time to dedicate to the writing career and hopefully ahve it be my main job within a few years.

My other option is to take the time and really do an intensive agent search. Theoretically, good agents do not require upfront payment, and they only get paid if I do. Still trying to find one who is nearby, and will have the time and energy to shop my writing to higher profile publications and webistes, and possibly get my newer novels (once they are finished) to a bigger publisher. would be great. Realistically, I just do not have the time to do this for myself, unless I work ALL THE TIME. I've been thre and done that folks. It just makes me more withdrawn and depressed, and really who needs that?

I'm hoping option one fleshes out, because finind an agent could really take some time, and that would just add to the stress of not getting revenue from the articles and not getting the novels done.

I have two novels in the works. One I have been working on for a while, but I think I am finally ready to finish it out. It is about three friends who meet in college. The two guys meet the female lead in the begining of Freshman year. They hate their roommate situations and she is living in the huge apartment her dad gave her for graduation. They move in with her and for six years, all is great, Then things fall apart. Years later, of the guys is in the late stages of cancer, and he moves "home" for his hospice care. Interesting things ensue... I'm just really struck how not matter how much crap happens, true friendshp prevails. People who are your real friends never really walk away, even if you choose to.

The second novel is new. The lead character is just sort of stuck in life. She has a boyfriend, but he ignores her and really is a loser. She works too much (ha yeah wonder where I got that from), but deep down she does love her job at a marketing firm. Her whole life changes when a new client ends up being someone from her past. This one is proabbly much more uplifting than the first one. Not that the fist one is all doom and gloom, but it looks at some somber themes.

Article wise, I've been on a pet care kick, but I'm pretty much over it now. I just need to stay foucsed and belt out a few high quality and highly searched articles over the next week or so, and I stay on track.


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