Customer Service is not Expedia's Forte

Expedia is a widely used travel site that many people use to find great deals. Everything is great with Expedia, until an issue arises. then the friendly and helpful company leaves their customers high and dry. A new article called Expedia Issues, by Jennifer Hammitt takes a close look at the problems many jilted customers have faced.

After having her very own nightmare with Expedia, Jennifer Hammitt became aware of other people's complaints. She began to look into the validity of the complants and even went to expedia for answers. The article includes statements from the Expedia press team, and it also illustrates Ms. Hammitt's struggle with the company.

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Jennifer Hammitt has five years of professional writing experience. Her work can be found at many freelance writer sites such as Associated Content, The Standard Freelancer, Hubpages and Rain Tiger.

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